Bible Classes

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Children's Education »

Sunday Mornings, 9:45-10:30 a.m.
Wednesday Evenings, 7:15-8:00 p.m.

Our children are a priority here at Eastridge. The Bible classes offered provide age appropriate curriculum and are driven by a desire to foster an openness to God and Scripture and, as they grow, relevant practical application to their developing lives of faith.

  • Nursery - Room 106
  • 1 year old - Room 100C
  • 2 year old - Room 104
  • 3 year old - Room 100D
  • 4 & 5 year old - Room 111
  • Kindergarten - Room 114
  • 1st Grade - Room 114
  • 2nd Grade - Room 112
  • 3rd Grade - Room 116
  • 4th Grade - Room 116
  • 5th Grade - Room 116
  • 6th Grade - Room 116
  • 7th-8th Grades - Room 123
  • 9th-12th Grades - Room 122 A/B

Adult Sunday Morning »

Sunday Morning Classes, 9:45-10:30 a.m.

Providing sound biblical teaching, as well as practical application in everyday life, is at the core of our adult class instruction. Classes range in demographic and approach in order to facilitate each group being as organic and relevant as possible. Central to each class, however, is a commitment of faithfulness to both our God and His Holy Word.

  • College Age - Office Meeting Room
    A real-world, discussion oriented class geared toward the college age demographic.
  • Young Adults - Room 103
    A focus on the practical challenge of Jesus’ call to follow him.
  • Young Marrieds - Room 108
    A relational emphasis upon biblical principles for those in their first years of marriage.
  • Friends and Followers - Room 125
    A conversation of “friends and followers” of Jesus centered upon the study of biblical text and the relevant application of faith in everyday life.
  • A Living Faith - Chapel
    A focus upon strong biblical teaching, alternating topical and textual study, seeking to equip our class members to live as Christians in today’s challenging times.
  • Amazing Grace - Room 102
    An open forum to discover Christ’s power at work and to learn how to allow His grace to be sufficient.
  • The Bible Story - Room 105
    A systematic study of Scripture with the goal of maturity in faith.
  • Journeys - Room 122
    A class for those who are mature in faith seeking 21st century application.
  • NT Verse by Verse - Room 110
    An in depth exposition of the books of the New Testament in a class setting primarily composed of our senior saints.

Adult Wednesday Evening »

Wednesday Evening Classes, 7:15-8:00 p.m.

  • Video Bible Class - Auditorium
    An exposition of biblical archeology and history comprised of both video (Ray Vanderlaan series) and live lecture.
  • Mere Christianity - Chapel
    A discussion driven class centered upon the simplicity and the challenge of the call to follow Jesus.
  • Bible Survey - Room 102
    A place to read and study the Bible and relate Scripture to everyday life.
  • Singing Class - Room 108
    Spiritually nourishing participants through the singing of hymns and songs, both old and new, as well as through the reading of the Psalms.
  • Ladies Discussion Class - Room 110
    A forum for women of all ages to grow closer to God and closer to one another.


We also have Men's and Women's Bible study each Thursday morning. Fellowship time begins at 9:40am, then study begins at 10am. All are welcome!

Bible Study

A student or teacher looking for Bible study materials? Visit ERCC Bible Study to learn more!